The Statement Sofa

Do you want a sofa that has something interesting to say?  A sofa that doesn’t just facilitate conversation, it IS the conversation!? The statement sofa is the main event in the space.  They are sculptural and different, they’re conversation starters, they’re friends with big personalities.

1. Bohemian by Moroso from Hub

The Bohemian range by Patricia Urquiola is a favorite of mine (let’s face it, everything by her is my favorite) because it ticks a lot of boxes.  It has a traditional element, with echoes of the old Chesterfield buttoning style but in a completely new way.  The Bohemian is the perfect fit for a formal room in a Victorian style space, but with an edge. We have specified this in a pink and blue armchair version (it takes on a whole other personality), and are waiting for the sofa in divine green leather to arrive for some very cool clients. It’s an investment piece, for sure, but I’m a huge fan of the Bohemian.

2.Agent 86 by Grazia & Co

I’m so excited to share this exclusive on The Design Files!  It’s the brand new sofa design from Grazia & Co.  It’s cool and low, bulky but light.  It doesn’t have legs as the seat floats on an upholstered base.  Actually, I haven’t seen anything like it and I’m really LOVING it.

3. DS-600 by DeSede from Domo

Yes, it’s slightly crazy but also incredibly clever and totally original.  Known as the never-ending-sofa, there is nothing else that even comes close. Each module locks then zips together forming a sofa that can gently bend and curve its way through the space.  It’s even a bit of a movie star, and has made a few cameo appearances in films such as The Hunger Games and more recently it made an appearance at Club Unseen by Studio Pepe in Milan.  Although it was designed in 1972, I feel it’s making resurgence right now.  If you were thinking that a leather sofa made in Switzerland sounds expensive, then you’d be right!


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