Cameron Foggo, Bureau Sofa

Influenced by mid-century design, this sofa plays with the juxtaposition of soft and hard elements. The severe steel rail and fine frame supports relaxed feather cushioning. The sofa is designed to fit within Cameron Foggo’s existing body of work, as a timeless piece to last a life time.

Fomu Design, Odie Chair

With the look of a handcrafted piece, this stackable chair by Fomu Design cleverly makes use of CNC technology to minimise timber wastage and maximise comfort and visual appeal. The chair plays with the expressive nature of art and the practicality of design, to create something equally functional and beautiful. The solid American oak chair is constructed from timber components of equal thickness, which limits wastage and creates a consistent and cohesive design.

Cameron Foggo, Bureau SofaPhoto – Jack Wallace.

Fomu Design, Odie Chair.  Photo – Sean Fennessy.

Nick Rennie Studio, Wyrie Table.  Photo – Sean Fennessy.

Daniel Poole, Freshwater Dining Table. Photo – Jonathon Revill,

Softer Studio, Clearer Coffee Table. Photo – supplied by Softer Studio.

LEFT: Pop & Scott, The Lou Alto. Photo – Jessica Tremp. RIGHT: Bern Chandley, CoCo Armchair. Photo – supplied by Bern Chandley.

Koskela, LEARN. Photo – supplied by Koskela

Jardan, Arte Table Range. Photo – James Geer. 

Tom Fereday for King Living, ETO Desk. Photo – Joseph Romano.

LEFT: Ross Thompson, Gentlemans Wardrobe. Photo – Tess Kelly. RIGHT: Dean Norton, Moodlum. Photo – Lisa Cohen. Styling – Bree Leech.


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