Located east of Scone in New South Wales, this Belford Park property is a farmstead that has been in the Bell family for almost three generations. Melbourne-based Louy Bell, who has previously worked for interior design firm Adelaide Bragg, happily traveled back to reinvigorate the interior fit-out for her historic family home.

The design was envisaged to provide sanctuary and ‘respite after the long and physically demanding days’ on the working agricultural farm. The aesthetic deliberately captures the historic qualities of the home, while offering a fresh and contemporary take on farm living. The objects and finishes needed to be robust, to ‘endure all of the things that come with the farming lifestyle.’  Sisal rugs, leather upholstered sofas, ceramic stools and cushions that echo the colours of the surrounding landscape were selected for their robust materiality and connection to the farm environment, creating gentle transitions between interior and exterior.

Existing heritage furniture take centre stage here, enlivened by a few carefully selected contemporary pieces to sit alongside the historic. The classic country look is given a modern spin with a refined palette of soft blues and grey tones. Louy explains, ‘the property experiences the true extremities of the Australian climate, and by using a cooler tonal scheme I wanted to create a relaxing and calm environment.’

Louy and her family made a conscious effort to support local businesses as much as possible, particularly due to the fact that Scone has been in drought for the last three years. ‘This was both a challenge and an exciting approach’, she reflects. ‘We did our research and found alternatives from local suppliers, who were happy to make the 50km trip out of town!’

If this story has you swooning for a farm getaway, Louy and her family have also renovated one of the workman’s cottages on site. Book into Cherson Cottage for some regional re-charging, as well as to help support a local community during the hardships of drought.

Belford Park in regional New South Wales, reimagined by interior designer Louy Bell. Photo – Hannah Puechmarin.

Louy with her mum Annie Bell, with whom she worked closely on the proejct. Photo – Hannah Puechmarin.

Louy worked on the project with her family, who own the working agricultural farm. Photo – Hannah Puechmarin.

Louy wanted to design a relaxing sanctuary to offer respite after physically demanding days on the farm. Photo – Hannah Puechmarin.

The living room. Photo – Hannah Puechmarin.

The homestead has been combines new items with heritage pieces to create a contemporary country feel. Photo – Hannah Puechmarin.

Louy’s parents Richard and Annie have a love for animals, adopting the odd stray joey! Photo – Hannah Puechmarin.

The property has been in the Bell family for more than three generations. Photo – Hannah Puechmarin.

The living room. Photo – Hannah Puechmarin.

Mixing old with new. Photo – Hannah Puechmarin.

The outdoor area. Photo – Hannah Puechmarin.

Photo – Hannah Puechmarin.

The outdoor area. Photo – Hannah Puechmarin.

The property is in Scone, New South Wales. Photo – Hannah Puechmarin.

Farm bounty. Photo – Hannah Puechmarin.


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