Natural light is always going to make a space look beautiful, but we can’t all have gorgeous big windows and actually, some spaces are just perfect when they are full of shade and mood – and lamp lighting is a great way to achieve that.

I’m afraid that downlights are absolutely not the way to light your home; let me explain. If there are a grid of downlights on the ceiling, they light up the floor and not the room. A light source from above casts a shadow over our heads and that’s not a flattering light. So rather than lights from overhead, light from the side is a much better solution. It also creates a textured lighting effect in a room, which means atmosphere and all the feels.

Living Room

The living area is a space for many activities; reading, entertaining, watching TV or just hanging out, so we need different types of lights to suit.

The main types of lighting are: task, ambient and accent light. We need task lighting for reading, ambient (or general) light for creating atmosphere and accent light to highlight a gorgeous artwork on the wall. As well as providing light in the space, lighting adds a beautiful decorative element and should look beautiful when on or off.

1. Cesta lamp, Sant & Cole

This lamp gives off the most gorgeous warm glow from its organic shaped glass globe, encased by a handmade cherry wood frame. It’s a perfect, timeless lamp!

Available from Ajar.

2. Kizu table lamp, New Works

This special lamp combines solid marble with glass in a way that they seem to defy gravity!

Available from District.

3. Honey lamp, Coco Flip

The perfect compact lamp to fit on a shelf, designed and made locally!

Available from Coco Flip.

4. Semi Circle lamp, HK Living

This eye-catching lamp has a ribbed marble base and unusual semi-circle shade and snuggles in brilliantly on a narrow shelf.

Available from House of Orange.

5. Column lamp, Menu

If you need a light in the middle of an open-plan space, but don’t have access to a powerpoint, then cordless lamps are the perfect solution. The column lamp by Menu is chargeable!

Available from The Apartment by sisalla.

6. Buds 2 table lamp, Foscarini

The rounded silhouette of this gorgeous lamp paired with its warm glow adds a beautiful softness to any space!

Available from Space Furniture.

7. Theia lamp, Marset

The Theia lamp is absolutely irresistible to play with. The two half-spheres swivel on an axis, which allows you to point it towards you for use as a reading lamp, or towards an object or a wall, creating a subtle, indirect light that immediately warms the atmosphere.

Available from Ajar.


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