Sound Advice About Debt Relief And Mortgage Foreclosure Defense

At Purrazzella & Purrazzella, P.A., our attorneys help people find solutions to difficult problems with debt pressure and mortgage defaults. Bankruptcy is just one tool among many that we have at our disposal to help you through a financial crisis or chronic debt problem. To learn more about the options that might work best for your situation, contact us in Toms River for a free consultation.

Our goal is not to file as many bankruptcy cases as we can. Instead, it's to help people deal effectively with credit card debt, hospital bills, cash flow problems following divorce, loss of home equity in tough real estate markets, or other financial difficulties. We make a thorough review of your situation before recommending any particular strategy, and we help each client think through the bankruptcy decision with an eye on both the immediate problem and your long-term interests.

Providing Mortgage Foreclosure Defense

No matter what the source of your mortgage or debt problems might be, we urge people to get legal advice as early as possible when it appears that bankruptcy might be a serious possibility for you, either now or later on.

There usually isn't any need to rush into bankruptcy if you choose an approach to debt relief while you still have several options to choose from. If you wait too long, however, you not only might find that bankruptcy is your last remaining choice — you might also discover that you're no longer in a position to take full advantage of its benefits.

With more than 30 years of bankruptcy and consumer debt experience, our lawyers help people in Ocean County, Monmouth County and other parts of the state choose the right option both in and out of bankruptcy. Depending on your specific circumstances, we can offer advice about any of the following:

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For additional information about our approach to client service in consumer bankruptcy and troubled mortgage situations, contact a New Jersey bankruptcy attorney at Purrazzella & Purrazzella, P.A., for a free consultation by calling 732-691-4589 or toll free at 888-825-9980.

We are a debt relief agency. We help people file for bankruptcy relief under the Bankruptcy Code.