Ridding You Of Overwhelming Credit Card Debt

What if your wages are being garnished, your home is at risk of foreclosure, or creditors are harassing you over the phone? Don't wait: Contact an experienced debtors' rights attorney to learn whether bankruptcy is your answer for credit card debt relief.

At the law firm of Purrazzella & Purrazzella, P.A., in Toms River, we offer free initial consultations to clients who wonder whether bankruptcy is right for them. We can explain how consumer bankruptcy can immediately stop creditor harassment, stop wage garnishment, stop car repossession, stop foreclosure, and start you on the road to a fresh financial life.

Speak To An Attorney Before Calling A Debt Consolidation Company

Advertisements on television for companies that consolidate your credit card debt seem too good to be true — and they are. You will pay a huge fee for their services and end up with a higher interest that doesn't allow you to actually pay your principle.

Bankruptcy Is Often Better Than Refinancing Your House

All too often, homeowners will refinance their homes to pay credit card debt. We strongly advise you to call us before you borrow on your home: Dealing with credit card debt through Chapter 7 or 13 bankruptcy is much easier than trying to deal with a home foreclosure issue if you are unable to pay your refinanced mortgage.

Chapter 7 Or Chapter 13 Bankruptcy As An Option

Bankruptcy may seem like an unlikely way to get rid of credit card debt, especially considering that rumors about the new bankruptcy laws say you will be automatically disqualified. Even though new laws make it more difficult to qualify because of a tougher financial test, you still may be able to file for relief. In your free initial consultation, we will fully explain this test and help you determine if bankruptcy is right for you.

Filing for Chapter 13 bankruptcy immediately stops unmanageable credit card interest, which can be more than 20 percent. Under Chapter 13's repayment plan — which allows you three to five years to pay off part of the debt — you will only pay 12 percent interest. This is a huge savings for people with large credit card debt, and bankruptcy gives you the chance to stick to a manageable repayment plan.

At Purrazzella & Purrazzella, P.A., we carefully and thoroughly explain the law so you know your options, and our lawyers carefully fill out all the paperwork on your behalf. Our goal is to help you discharge your credit card debt through Chapter 7 or get a realistic repayment plan under Chapter 13.

Act Quickly

The New Jersey bankruptcy lawyers at Purrazzella & Purrazzella, P.A., in Toms River serve clients in Ocean County and Monmouth County.

If you would like to find out more about bankruptcy and how it might be your answer for credit card debt relief, contact Purrazzella & Purrazzella, P.A., to arrange a free consultation by calling 732-691-4589 or 888-825-9980 toll free. Our office is located on the corner of Hooper and Franklin Avenues in Toms River, New Jersey.

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